2 December 2013

Healthy Snacks on the Go

One of the frustrating things about eating while travelling, especially on a road trip, is finding healthy options for snacks. So I was thrilled when Vancouver-based startup Snackbox reached out to me to try one of their boxes.

Snackbox is a monthly subscription of healthy, natural and delicious snacks. Each month they ship 10 - 12 items to members across Canada through Canada Post. This month they sent me the following items:

Gobi Spice: Arora Creations
Quinoa Skinny Crackers: Enerjive
Green Tea: Oi Ocha
Pear Slices: Bella Viva Orchards
Toffee Coconut Dark Chocolate: Cocolico
Fruit & Nut Medley: La Fourmi
Veggie Straws: Sensible Portions
Bluberry Smoothie: My Smoothie
Cheese Puffs: Pirate's Booty
Banana Chocolate Protein Bar: True to Nature
and a Lara Bar

What I like best about the service is that all the items are handpicked by their nutritionist and your packet includes information about which stores carry the product. So if you get a snack you particularly like, you know where to buy it again.

Snackbox has graciously offered all Full Belly, Worn Soles readers $15 off their first Snackbox. (First time, Canadian buyers only) Just enter the code FULLBELLY at checkout. They offer 1, 3 and 6 month subscriptions and the code is valid until 12/31/2013.


  1. Pretty cool. This is a subscription box I could get with!
    zozo @ atelier zozo

    1. Definitely! It's an interesting idea.

  2. That's such a genius idea! It really is all about being prepared and having the right snacks in your home so this takes care of that. Brilliant.
    Tipsy Tart

    1. Definitely! Sometimes it seems so much easier to reach for junk, but if you have some good snacks on hand, the temptation is gone.

  3. Sounds amazing! Too bad they don't ship to Europe!!


    1. Ha. I'm always frustrated about American companies that don't ship to Canada! I'm sure you could find something similar in Europe though.

  4. what an awesome idea! I wonder if anyone does this in the US

    1. Yep! I know of an organization called NatureBox for sure. I imagine there are others.


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